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Saussy Burbank Custom Flyers - March 2006

Custom Flyer Process

Saussy Burbank, based in Charlotte, NC, is the region's leading customer-centered homebuilder. As inventory and model homes became available for sale, eager sales agents were quick to create flyers for distribution to potential buyers. This lead to a branding nightmare as there was no consistency with any of the documents.
Alig Technology Group's online solution allowed the corporate office to maintain control of the document styles and important content while decentralizing the responsibility of printing and minor customization.

Challenge: When model homes were converted to inventory and listed for sale, internal sales agents would create their own flyers to distribute information to prospects. There was absolutely no consistency to any of these documents, from one model to the next and from one sales agent to the next. There was no uniformity in design, information, imagery or even letterhead.

Solution: Knowing that their entire inventory is already stored in a SQL database and accessible from their website, Alig Technology Group created a custom solution to access their inventory in a secured online environment. Users with proper privileges could select any inventory home, select one of several corporate approved templates and then add their own custom message to the document. A PDF would be created and sent to the user's browser to either print immediately on their office printer or save and bring the file to local print shop if so desired.

Conclusion: This solution decentralized the responsibility and empowered individual users to create their own marketing documents while allowing the corporate office to maintain a centralized control over the brand. This appealed to the Sales Agents by making their documents easier to produce (and better looking). It also appealed to the corporate Marketing and Legal departments by keeping a consistent brand and limiting the type of content which could be printed, thus reducing potential liability issues.



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