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- January, 2006

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Alig Technology Group worked with Saussy Burbank, the premiere homebuilder in the Carolinas, to recreate their web presence. Among the homebuilder’s primary goals were to present a refreshed classic design and an easier to use navigational structure. Our team of designers applied clean and rich design elements, while working in the trademark “Saussy Burbank Blue” to the design. The user experience was enhanced with a persistent and consistent Primary-Secondary navigation scheme, created in fully cross-browser compatible Cascading Style Sheets. However, the enrichment of the website was not limited to just front-end and design modifications, other key enhancements include:

.net .NET 2.0: Upgraded from a classic ASP development     environment to the .NET 2.0 framework.
redesigned Fully redesigned and restructured database: Improving     database integrity and cleaning unused and redundant data.
    Updated administration: Streamlining menus & forms and     minimizing steps for content updates.
image uploader Custom Image Upload Tool: Integrated application that allows     website administrators to easily browse for an image on their     desktop and the application takes care of the rest! Image     creation, thumbnail creation, sizing, optimization, file naming,     and FTP upload is performed automatically by the application.
valid xhtml Fully valid XHTML 1.0 Strict Markup: Clean, scalable and     reusable code that is rendered consistently across all major     browsers and platforms.
css Table-less CSS design: Taking full advantage of all benefits a     CSS layout offers. Fast design updates, small file size, search     engine friendliness, accessibility, and project-wide     consistency.
javascript Javascript and DHTML: Used to create engaging “Web 2.0”     effects including sliding search boxes, desktop-like menus,     and Flash-like image pop-ups and rollovers.
xml XML based Weather applet: Custom designed weather applet     featuring Live temperature and weather conditions,     seamlessly integrated into the design of the website.
dynamic flash fonts Scalable Dynamic Flash Fonts: Using a combination of     Javascript, Adobe Flash, and CSS, any desktop font     imaginable can be used within the website. Heading images     for Elevation headings and Community headings no longer     need to be created in Photoshop and uploaded one at a time,     and the headings gracefully degrade back to a standard web     font if the browser is incompatible.

In addition to the technical innovations; larger imagery, unique & engaging community pages, and special areas for promotions were also introduced to the website.

The redesigned website launched January 31st, 2007 and was met with rave reviews. The endeavor was a successful one for both Saussy Burbank and Alig Technology Group. Our team continues to maintain the website and introduce innovational ideas and technologies to enhance the site and the user experience.



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March 2006
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